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Mar 27, 2019

Julie Lam is an expert passive investor and capital raiser. Starting her real estate career in 2009, she discovered its power early on after investing in several local deals. It wasn't until she began investing in passive deals that this drove her commitment to helping others invest in cash-flowing real estate without being a landlord. So, back in 2017, she and her partner co-founded their company Goodegg Investments to educate investors about these types of opportunities. Since then, they have co-syndicated over 2,200 multifamily units and 1,000 self-storage units, worth over $400MM.


In this episode, we dive into how she started down the path as a fundraiser, what she looks for in a deal, and how she works with syndicators to get deals done. Additionally, she shares how partnering made all the difference in helping their investors build returns while helping them achieve financial freedom.