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May 9, 2023

Shannon Robnett is a real estate developer with a principal focus on multifamily and industrial real estate in Idaho. He is a second-generation builder and fourth-generation realtor. He has lived in Idaho for 40 years and has spent 27 years as a developer and builder in that market. His projects include multifamily, fire stations, schools, hospitals, police stations, and more, with $400M in personal transactions to date. 

Join our conversation with Shannon as he sheds light on ground-up multifamily construction and the success he has reached in this segment of the real estate industry. 

Shannon shares:

·         The Benefits of investing in stabilized multi-family real estate

·         How to generate passive income through alternative asset classes

·         The importance of staying competitive in the real estate market

·         Understanding demographics and investing in areas with strong demand and growth potential

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