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May 23, 2023

Vinki is the CEO & Founder of Loomba Investment Group, which is positioned for exponential growth. She is also an entrepreneur and strategist with a background in commercial real estate, Information Technology, and academia. She is an expert in strategic planning & management with a strong ability to connect the dots. With her unique combination of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, she is quite familiar with busy professionals’ distinct challenges. The goal of her work is to provide investors with the right knowledge to be able to make wise investing decisions aligned with their long-term financial goals in order to achieve financial success. Driven by her mission to help and touch one million lives in a meaningful way, she is best known for inspiring many in her circle. She strongly believes that with 100% focus and concentration you can transform any idea into reality.

Join our conversation with Vinki as she shares her inspiring story of discovering her purpose, and reflects on some of the ways our collective consciousness has shifted in recent years.

Vinki shares…

  • How real estate investing helped Vinki find her purpose
  • Investing as a path to freedom
  • The energy of money
  • Finding opportunities in any economic conditions
  • And so much more!

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