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Jun 26, 2019

Matt Faircloth is the president of The DeRosa Group, a company that develops and owns commercial and residential real estate. Starting off in real estate in 2005 with a $30,000 loan from family, Matt started his real estate career doing fix & flips and small real estate transactions. Six years later, he shifted his focus to use private capital to fund deals and take down larger multifamily properties. In doing so, he and his team have built a portfolio of $30 million of residential and commercial properties throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He is the co-author of "Raising Private Capital," a book that explains why raising private money is important and how just about anyone can do it. 


In this episode, we dive into how Matt was able to scale his real estate business through the use of OPM - Other People's Money. Additionally, he shares insights for new investors on how to get started raising capital from friends and family.


Check out Matt’s book on raising capital here.