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Jul 25, 2019

Matt Rodak started his real estate career as a vendor to flippers and rental home buyers. Identifying the need that many of his clients were unable to find a reliable lender for their projects, he conceptualized a tech-focused platform that would originate short-term real estate loans for flippers to buy, rehab and sell residential properties. In 2016, he documented the plan and raised $2MM in venture capital to kick off the business. Since then, Matt and his team have scaled Fund That Flip from just a concept to a 25 person company with offices in Cleveland and New York City, closing millions of dollars in loans and on course to originate over $1B of loans within next 3 years.


In this episode, Matt shares how he came up with the business model that serves both flippers and investors alike. Additionally, he shares his approach to raising capital, serving flippers and driving passive-income creation for his investors.