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Dec 5, 2019

Ronny Philip once considered becoming a pharmacist but realized it wasn't aligned with who he was. Because he knew he wanted to eventually be financially free, he turned to real estate instead and went all in. He went to work becoming a real estate agent while honing his skills as a social media expert - something necessary to market properties in today's world! Doing so helped him build real relationships with people that lead to him landing more clients for his real estate business. From there, he made the leap to multifamily and hasn't looked back. Today, he serves as the founder of Kingly Acquisitions, a real estate investment firm that focuses on acquiring value-add apartment buildings. He also hosts The Ronny Philip Show as a creative outlet to inspire others.

In today's show, Ronny shares the best ways to connect with Millennials and leverage social media to build relationships. He also discusses the importance of personal brand creation to find new deals, as well as the importance of authenticity on social media to find capital investors.