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Jul 11, 2019

Bill Manassero started investing in real estate in his fifties when, after 11 years as a missionary in Haiti, he realized he needed to get his financial house in order. In 2014, he took massive action and started real estate investing with only 4 cash flowing units. In 2016, he leveraged those to get his first apartment building, with 22 units. Shortly thereafter, he established the goal of getting to 1,000 units in 6 years. As a syndicator, he has expanded his real estate portfolio across the United States. Today, he helps “55-pluses” invest in real estate with an emphasis on legacy building and supplementing fixed incomes.


In this episode, we dive into Bill’s approach to raising capital from people at retirement age. Additionally, he shares how to identify the risk profiles for the 55+ age group and addressing their need for immediate cash flow and passive income creation.