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Jul 18, 2019

Kevin Bupp started investing in single-family real estate when he was only 20 years old, building a great deal of success early on. Later, when the 2008 crash wiped him out, Kevin took a hiatus from the industry before rushing back in with a vengeance. In 2012, he rebooted his real estate career and shifted his focus from single-family and multifamily to mobile home parks. Since then, he has built a portfolio of almost 2,000 lots in 13 states valued at $70 million through deal syndication and investment funds. As the Founder and CEO of the Mobile Home Park Academy, Kevin and his team provide education to investors to locate, acquire and operate mobile home parks of their own. 


In this episode, Kevin shares his thoughts on why he loves the mobile home park space. Additionally, he shares his approach to raising capital, creating cash flow and driving passive income creation for his investors.