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Dec 12, 2019

Ryan Narus set out to achieve financial freedom through real estate, but it wasn't without a couple of false starts. After graduating with a degree in psychology, the only job he could land was selling cars. However, honing that skill made him excellent at persuasion, which helped him later in life. Ryan got to work building a future in real estate while working in a Leadership Program at Wells Fargo, choosing mobile home parks as the vehicle. He went on to use his sales expertise to build his network and leveraged his experience to partner with a friend. Today, he is the co-founder of Archimedes Group, an owner-operator company that specializes in mobile home parks, spanning over 500 lots.

In today's episode, Ryan shares his practical advice for both aspiring and current mobile home park owners ranging from getting into your first deal to managing a park to maximize NOI. He also discusses what entrepreneurs can do to find clarity and create value for people.