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Jan 30, 2019

Gene Trowbridge is the founding attorney for Trowbridge Sidoti LLP, a law firm concentrating on syndication and crowdfunding,  and the author of “It's a Whole New Business!: The how-to book of syndicated investment real estate.” He specializes in helping real estate entrepreneurs raise investor money through syndication.

When it comes to the syndication model, the Securities and Exchange Commission has specific rules that syndicators must follow. In this episode, Gene describes what sponsors and syndicators need to do and not do before they start to raise investor's money. We cover the differences between crowdfunding and syndication, the different types of offerings, what an investment fund is and how to use one, and the legal ways of reaching out to people without getting in trouble with the SEC. Gene also explains how a "substantial pre-existing" relationship can allow you to get new investors on board in a 506(b) offering and provides valuable information to help make your group investment fundraising more successful.